Daytime Sailing Trips are based on a 6 person Max


All Sailing Trips - BYOB

4 Hour Daytime + Key West Sail/Snorkel (gear incl) Lunch, Sodas, Water, Ice                      $585

4 Hour + Key West Sail/Snorkel/Sunset (gear incl) Lunch, Sodas, Water, Ice, Snacks        $685

8 Hour + Key West Sail/Snorkel/Hop to an UNINHABITED Island w/beach, lunch                    $885

Normal optional sailing gratuity is 15% of charter.




Boat and Breakfast: our “Stay/Sail Charter Packages”
are based on double occupancy

B & B,  “Stay/Sail Charter” Please Note: Charter either boat, receive the entire vessel.


Stay/Sail Charter with a two nights stay, receive a sunset sail

Stay/Sail 3 nights receive half-off one Daytime Sailing Trip


Ask about discounts for additional sailing while you are on
board & discounts for over five nights.

Boats are located in Key West’s Historic Seaport, Old Town, 
Slips E-10, E-11, and E-12, walking distance to Duval St.

In addition to (2) ship-board showers, a land-based keyed shower/bathroom available as aMarina guest.

Restaurants & a pool are nearby.


Stay/Sail Rates: Moondance, a 42’ Irwin Ketch Rig Sailboat - 2 Staterooms, large living room salon- $440/night, double occupancy.

Stay/Sail Rates: Wildthing, a 44’ Morgan Sailboat - 2 Staterooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room salon- $440/night, double occupancy.


Stay/Sail Rates: Obsession, a 37’ O’Day Sailboat  - 2 Staterooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room salon-$330/night, double occupancy.


$45/night additional per person per night* subject to change, children under 12 free.


At Sea Excursions - Overnights at Anchor 
-Inside The Reef for gentle seas!

Prices are based on double occupancy, $90 for each additional person, per night

(under 12 free)


24 Hour (Usually calculated Noon to Noon) Includes: Capt. Mate, Fuel, Meals, Soft Drinks, Ice

These trips are for up to 4 Persons (6 for Families) 2 Cabins, 2 Bathrooms,
Large Living Room Salon, Kitchenett.

Sail, Snorkel, Fish, Beach Comb, Explore!

$1295.00 /night aboard the sailboat “Wildthing”   44' Morgan

$1295.00 /night aboard the sailboat “Moondanceā€¯   42' Ketch Rig

$ 995.00 /night aboard the sailboat  “Obsession”  37' O'Day



Key West Sampler- Our Client’s Favorite Charter!


“Surf and Turf” our premier boating experience - 
Stay the first night at the dock check in by 3 p.m., take in the nightlife and relax and get used to your boat.  The next morning breakfast on your own, while we load up the provisions you plan with us and then sail away with our crew by noon, lunch and relax on board with your experienced guides on your 24 hour adventure at sea.  Explore the reefs; fish, snorkel and sail; then dine under the stars.  Third morning return back toward port after breakfast, swimming, more sailing and lunch on board.  Finish your shopping, sight seeing, museums, restaurants and the “Duval Crawl”.  Stay at the docks and relax before your departure the fourth morning.  Ahhh relaxed, revitalized and refreshed!


Design your own custom Sampler Package or choose from our Standard Sampler package which is: 3 nights on board; first night at the dock, Noon the next day depart with food, captain & mate for 24 hours to return the third day noon to enjoy your third night at the dock.

3 - Day Package:  Obsession                    $1660
3 - Day Package:  Moondance                   $1860
3 - Day Package:  Wildthing                        $1860



Weddings and Honeymoons

2 - Hour Sunset Wedding; Flowers, Photos, Food Array, Officiant, Fuel, 6 Persons       $1595 

2 - Night,3-Day “Perfect Wedding/Honeymoon Exclusive Package” (call for details)      $2945

Marry and sail off into the sunset for a 3-day fantasy honeymoon fun filled adventure


MASTER CARD OR VISA ACCEPTED.  Fifty-percent deposit required to book your charter reservation, with balance due two-weeks prior to your charter.  If less than 3 weeks to date, full payment appreciated.


Charters have the option to arrange their own insurance to protect the entire trip to Key West by going to




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